TARUS Machines are available with the
TARUS Aldebaran CNC and the
Heidenhain TNC640 CNC.

In the early 1980’s TARUS offered one of the first CNC Controls Capable of High Speed Contour Milling featuring a Graphical Interface, Tracing and Digitizing.  TARUS continues to offer the TARUS CNC, which in it’s latest version, the SERCOS Based TARUS S is a wonderful choice for Contour Milling and Deephole Drilling.



Ease of Use

We have created a software package that is familiar to anyone who has used windows before. We pride ourselves on users being able to self train.

Designed for Your Way of Working

We have created our software with our users in mind, the features and flow are geared toward the application of the machines. Whether it is specific graphical representations for a gundrill cycle, or a alignment routine geared for clay modelling, we have designed the software with users in mind.

Responsive to Your Needs

TARUS is quick to add functionality that will allow you to get the most out of our system. Most of our great features started as customer requests and we are continually adding new tools.

Total Software Solution

With TPI-Cam and our integrated graphics, TARUS allows an operator to do it all. He or she can create toolpaths and/or edit existing toolpaths, all while simultaneously running the machine. Making chips does not have to stop the preparations for the next steps.

Complete Understanding

One fundamental principle of TARUS is complete understanding of our machines and our software. We design and build both, this allows us extreme power in both service and initial design.


Manufactured in USA

TARUS Products Inc. machines are proudly made in America with quality standards that exceed expectations

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