Coordinate Measuring Machines


Coordinate Measuring Machines

Calibration Services
Calibration services are essential to ensure the accuracy of your CMM or CNC Mill.  Tarus Products Inc. recommends calibration and preventative maintenance for machines a minimum of once per year, although schedules can be shortened or extended depending upon customer needs.  Calibration is also necessary after a move, repair or retrofit.  Call us today to schedule your calibration services on your CMM. Tarus Products also Calibrates other OEM CMM’s now.


Routine/Preventative Maintenance
Is your machine in an area where it gets dirty or just want to make sure everything is working OK between calibrations?  Schedule a routine maintenance check; we’ll clean up your machine and give it a once over to make sure everything is working the way it should be. Provide suggestions to avoid future downtime.


Why upgrade or retrofit your machine?  You may not have the budget for a new machine and in some cases there really isn’t a need.  Many of the older machines are solid workhorses but just need a little updating.  We can repair, retrofit or upgrade most OEM CMM’s with a universal controller so our customers can run any front end software, including Tarus EASY DMIS.


Machine Moves

Across the room or across the country we can make your machine move stress free.

Every machine should be properly secured and packed for any type of a move.  Tarus Product technicians will prep your machine and make sure it is properly secured for the move.  They can also be on-site at the new location to set it up, calibrate it and get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Let our machinery movers and installers handle your next project.

Manufactured in USA

TARUS Products Inc. machines are proudly made in America with quality standards that exceed expectations

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