CNC Milling and Deephole Drilling Machines
for the Mold and Die Industries

TARUS TBM, Travelling Bridge Machining Center; ideal for Automobile Tooling, Fixtures and Models. Moving Bridge Design ensures consistent performance.

The TARUS TBM is a Moving Gantry Machining Center. Intended uses are Finish Contour Milling of Injection Molds, General Contour Milling of Aluminum and Plastic Automotive and Aerospace Tooling and Models.

X, Y and Z axes are driven by TARUS’ integrated Torque Motor Ballnuts.  Custom / longer X axes will require Rack and Pinion or Linear Motor Drive.

The base model, TBM-C90 is equipped with the TARUS 2 Axis Clamping Angle Head. Range is 0-90º degrees in the A axis and 360º in the C Axis. Spindle angle is clamped with springs and unclamped hydraulically for rotation via the servo motors. A seamless ring induction scale is fit directly to the rotating axes. The Clamping Head’s 50 Taper Spindle is a directly driven by a water cooled Synchronous motor, 0-10,000 rpm, 29 kW, 176 Nm peak.



The TBM-C45 features a 2 Axis Clamping Milling Head which is similar to the C90, but the effective tipping of the Spindle is 0-45 degrees.  This design features a stronger A Axis due to a larger clamping ring and stouter casting.  This C45 is unsurpassed for milling unintended stock, repair welds, design changes and for semi-finishing ribs and features that are inacessible to a straight spindle and would damage a finishing spindle.

The TBM-TF features the TARUS built Fork Style 2 Axis Milling Head for full 5-Axis milling. Torque motors coupled to 2 stage gear reduction a provide huge positioning and holding force for the A and C axes. A seamless ring induction scale is fit directly to the rotating axes. Spindle is an HSK A63, 0-15,000 rpm, 40 kW, 160Nm peak torque.  The advantage of this head is it’s grear-reduction drive system which greatly reduces the head’s overall size compared to the optional Kessler Torque Motor equipped head.

The TBM-5-K features the Kessler 2AK-G3 Direct Drive Fork Style Milling Head with Hydraulic Clamping and Cartridge Spindle, HSKA63 0-18,000 RPM.




Brochure for TARUS TBM-5-K



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TARUS Products Inc. machines are proudly made in America with quality standards that exceed expectations

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