Specialized CNC Milling and Measuring
Machines for the Automobile Design Studios

The TARUS HM5L-S is a high speed 5 axis milling machine suitable for milling Automobile Design Models. The Horizontal Arm configuration is a good solution for low ceilings where a Gantry is not possible. It is also beneficial when milling Automobile Models since the detailed areas of the rocker panel, wheel wheels, front grills and rear diffuser are reached easier by spindle without interference from the milling arm and without the need for very long cutters.

The HML5-S is suitable for Milling Epoxy, Foam and Clay Automobile Design Studio Models as well as Aluminum Fixture and Prototype Components.

A huge Gantry CNC Mill may at first seem like the the ideal machine for milling car models, but it is not a viable solution for many facilities with low ceiling heights. Horizontal Arm Machines such as the TARUS HM5L are better suited to milling car models compared to a Gantry machine; consider the detail at the lower portions of a car model and the long reach required to mill that model with a Gantry.



An open Horizontal Arm machine is a much nicer tool for a Modeler who must pack clay or modeling paste onto a model to make modifications compared to the confinement of a Gantry Machine.

Linear Motor Direct Drive provides the highest performance and reliability combined with the latest Digital CNC Systems including the Heidenhain TNC640 and the TARUS CNC. Surface Quality and Accuracy are outstanding and the Linear Motor Direct Drive are Backlash and Wear-Free.

The 2 Axis Milling Head allows quick and easy cutter angle adjustment with RTCP, and also full 5 axis CNC milling if desired. A powerful liquid cooled HSK63 spindle quietly operates at up to 15,000 rpm with 26 kw of power.

Options include Automatic Tool Changers and Racks, Lifting Work Tables and Absolute Position Rotary Tables.


Manufactured in USA

TARUS Products Inc. machines are proudly made in America with quality standards that exceed expectations

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