Specialized CNC Milling and Measuring
Machines for the Automobile Design Studios

The MSM, Design Studio Clay Mill, 3 Axis, is used in Automobile Design Studios for milling Clay and Foam Models.

The TARUS MSM is a Quiet, Reliable Clay milling machine that has been in production by TARUS since 1988. Being a CMM based machine, there are limitations to performance compared to TARUS’ newer designs, but this machine’s milling performance is still superior compared to our Competitors CMM based Designs because we are using a CNC Control rather than a CMM motion controller, and, we have optimized the machine design to improve the milling performance. For example, the milling arm is carbon fiber composite, the milling spindle is very high torque at low rpm, and the vertical axis assistance is by Gas Cylinder rather than a Counter Balance Weights.

The MSM is available as a portable or fixed rail installation.

The MM2 Milling Head allows quick and easy cutter angle adjustment in 15 degree increments with those angle positions fed-back to the CNC Systems. Presetting the cutter is not necessary after changing the angle. The spindle has .3 kw of power and quietly operates up to 10,000 rpm.

The Base Rail MSM, can be custom tailored to existing surface plates. New plates can be manufactured by TARUS and an Optional Rotary Table is available.

Available with TARUS CNC with integrated TPI CAM optimized for 3 Axis Milling operations performed by Design Sculptors.

Brochure for TARUS MSM


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