The CM5P, Design Studio Clay Mill, 5 Axis, Portable is used in Automobile Design Studios for milling Clay and Foam models on existing surface plates.

This Portable Machine can be transported between surface plates in a building and even hidden from view when not needed. The CM5P is equipped with both Caster Wheels and Air Cushions for mobility. Longer distance moves rely on the casters using a small warehouse tug. The Air Cushions allow the machine to “float” on the floor so that it can be precisely located on the surface plate, then guide pins are the deployed into the surface plate to anchor the machine. An automatic leveling system levels the rear of the machine which is resting on the concrete floor of the studio.

The 2 Axis Milling Head allows quick and easy cutter angle adjustment with RTCP, and also full 5 axis CNC milling if desired. A powerful water cooled HSK40 spindle quietly operates at up to 12,000 rpm with 3.5 kw of power and is suitable for milling clay as well as foam and epoxy up to 750 kg/m3 density.

The CM5P, can be custom tailored to existing surface plates. New surface plates can also be provided by TARUS to meet your needs.

Brochure for CM5P Claymill

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*Design Studio photographs courtesy of Ford Motor Company, PSA, ASC, TVS Motors and ASC. Design Studio photos showing older versions of the TARUS Portable Clay-Mill in use milling models. Current machine’s appliance varies slightly.