The TARUS DHMS Multiple Spindle Drilling machine is used for drilling tube holes in very large Tube-Sheets for Power Station Steam Generators and Industrial Process Heat Exchangers. The DHMS is available with 2, 3 and 5 drilling spindles. Spindle spacing is manually adjustable as needed for specific applications.

Pressure Heads have interchangeable Bushing Nose Pieces of Different Lengths, and are Hydraulically Pushed and Clamped against the Tube-Sheet Face for Drilling. Each Pressure Head can be used or retracted as needed.

The Drilling Spindles are fed individually, therefore the unused drill tools can be left in the machine. Any combination of drills can be used as needed to drill the necessary hole pattern and to avoid interference of the tube sheet lip. Drill Spindles are directly driven by liquid cooled Synchronous Motors.

The DHMS utilizes STS / BTA tooling exclusively. Hole diameters that can be drilled with the standard machines are 16 mm through 25.4 mm. Larger diameters are available in bespoke designed machines.

Chip processing and filtration is fully automated including crushing and centrifuge to remove oil from chips.

The FANUC CNC is customized to monitor loads and tool life to prevent accidental tool breakage. Furthermore, dual read-head feedback systems are used to prevent a hole from being drilled in the incorrect position.
Measuring probe actuators have 330 mm of stroke to provide clearance around tube sheet lips enabling the measurement of not only the Tube-Sheet in process but also the Drilling Test Block typically utilized when drilling Nuclear Industry Tube-Sheets.

Brochure for TARUS DHMS Multiple Spindle Deephole Drilling Machine

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