TARUS has been building the MSM since 1986. Continuous improvements have been made resulting in a quiet, safe, reliable fixture for your Design Studio.

The Fixed Rail MSM is built upon a 90 mm tall machined steel base. Within the base are the bearing rail, pinion gear, cable chains, and leveling elements for the machine. The top covers are ground steel, nickel plated, and can be used as surface plates for modeling tools. The fixed rail machines can be mounted on any stable floor without a foundation, or, pit mounted if desired. If surface plates are installed, the rails can mount on top of the plates or next to the plates. Alternatively, the drive hardware and covers integrated with the surface plate.

The Portable MSM has a reduced X axis travel but can be moved inside or between studio rooms. The Portable MSM works best with Floor Plates or Rails, but the leveling system and alignment software will enable the machine to work without a plate if necessary.

Both versions of the MSM are fine tools for the Design Studio Sculptor especially when combined with the TARUS TPI Cut CAM System and the TARUS MM2 milling spindle.

Please click on this link to download a Data Sheet for the TARUS MSM, Design Studio CMM with Clay Milling

Our idea for a Large Design Studio Installation featuring the TARUS MSM: http://tarus.com/tarus-cnc-machinetools-made-in-usa/msm-clay-milling-large-studio-plate-free-installation/

  • Corvette C7 Clay Model Tarus Machines
  • Chevrolet Volt Clay Model Tarus Machine
  • Chevrolet Volt Clay Model Closeup
  • mercedes-benz-amg-vision-gran-turismo-clay-model
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT
  • Design Development: Opel Ampera
  • Creation of the Camaro Concept
  • 2008 Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept
  • Holden VE Design & Development
  • Holden VE Design & Development
  • Holden WM Design & Development
  • Cadillac Design Clay Model Tarus Machine
  • mm2 head wide
  • Chevrolet Volt Clay Model being milled by TARUS MSM Machine at General Motors Design
  • Holden Clay Model TARUS Machine
  • 2014-Holden-Commodore-Clay-Model-Tarus