• Studio Clay Milling Machine with Modern Design; 3 and 5 Axis Clay Milling at a higher level of performance.
        • Y axis Milling Box (width of car) is 2060 mm with 2 columns, overlapping center of car by 25 mm
 with 150 mm long cutter installed
        • Z axis Milling Box (height) is 1958 mm with 150 mm long cutter installed, cutter horizontal at rocker and vertical over roof
        • X axis Milling Box is length of rail -1,800 mm , front to back of car with 150 mm long cutter installed
        • Spindle: 0-5,000 RPM, 
1 kW, 
3.3 Nm

, 16 mm Maximum Cutter Shaft
 Diameter (optional 10,000 RPM spindle)
        • A & C Axes Torque Motor and 2 Stage Gear Reduction, 56 Nm Positioning Force, A axis +/- 110º, C Axis +/- 185º
        • TARUS Aldebaran CNC, Notebook PC and Wireless Remote User Interface
        • Measuring Probes for Point Taking and for Model Alignment and Origin Presetting
        • Pit mounted or Floor Top mounted Machine Rails
        • A Matching fully Manual Layout Machine Tower is available for Reduced Cost

Link to download a brochure for our New Generation Claymilling Tower Light

Link to download a video of our New Milling Head being Tested

Link to another video of our New Milling Head being Tested

  • 1_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 11_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 14_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 13_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 12_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 10_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 9_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 8_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 7_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 6_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 5_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 4_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 3_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill
  • 2_TARUS_New_Gen_Light_Claymill