TPI SHOP ERP: Features

This Software has
all the features your business needs.

TPI SHOP makes order entry quick and easy, no matter what type of manufacturing you do.

Do you sell purchased parts?

In TPI SHOP all you need to do is create a sales order and purchasing will know instantly what to procure.

Do you sell things you have made before?

TPI SHOP’s templates for jobs allow your sales order to be quickly transitioned to a work order by selecting from an existing design.

Do you sell products that are minor modifications to a previous production?

The template system allows you to quickly modify an existing design and get it into your production queue right away.

Do you sell completely new products?

TPI SHOP’s template design process is a drag and drop graphical tool that lets you add parts and operations to a new design with ease.

Do designs change while in process?

Sometimes mistakes happen. When alterations are necessary, TPI SHOP has quick and easy to use tools that let you edit both templates and work on the floor. You can make the changes you need fast.

Whether it is a simple parts order or a more complex build to order (BTO) entry, TPI SHOP has you covered. It ensures that the manufacturing, purchasing and sales departments are working together with the demand activity stream, which lets your team see demands as they are coming in. Allowing you to quickly have materials ordered and to get work out to the production floor as soon as possible.

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