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How much time are you losing every day trying to find that one file you need? Keeping track of where on the network you put it, which folder it is in, or even what the filename was? Your ERP should be keeping track of this for you. With TPI SHOP’s attachments system, you can easily upload and track all your documents.

 Instead of spending time remembering where you saved the meeting agenda from two months ago, you can easily find it linked to the meeting event on the calendar, attached to the relevant task and linked to the customer you discussed.

Attachments can be linked to jobs, calendar events, customers, tasks, inventory items, work orders, change requests and many other places within TPI SHOP.

Visual items like images or PDFs can be viewed directly in the browser, and all files are transferred to and from the system via a securely encrypted connection.

Stop wasting your time on keeping your files sorted. With TPI-Shop’s attachment and linking system, all of your data that belongs together is stored together- and that’s a major speed boost for your business.

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