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TPI SHOP has several important tools that help you satisfy your quality management system requirements.

Procedures & Work Instructions

TPI SHOP allows for the creation of custom work templates called routers which detail the operations and materials needed to complete manufacturing processes. Using this system you can define the quality checks that need to be performed at each step in the manufacturing process.

The quality operation steps can be flagged as optional or required. If required, then the system will not let work proceed until the step has been marked complete. Giving you maximum flexibility to tailor the system to your specific quality requirements.

Attachment & Linking System

Using TPI SHOP’s powerful document management and linking system you can easily upload any of your quality related documentation. Whether it is a hand written inspection checklist, pictures of completed parts or other quality records, they can be uploaded and attached directly to the work order, job, task and many other places throughout the software.


Measurement is a large part of any quality system. TPI SHOP gives you unprecedented access to accurate and real-time data about work that is happening on your production floor. Giving you the information needed to streamline your manufacturing processes.

Corrective Action Requests

TPI SHOP’s task system can track problems and the resultant corrective actions electronically. Engineering Change Requests go one step further for design changes with an integrated system that can stop production of incorrect designs.


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