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Do You Fit The Mold of Your ERP?

Often ERP systems feel like they were designed for some other company. Your employees feel like they are fighting the software instead of using it as a tool. TPI SHOP was designed by TARUS Products, a made to order manufacturer, to fit the needs of a manufacturing business. TPI SHOP is a tool that you will be able to learn easily and adapt to your processes.                  

TARUS is a manufacturer, so we understand the challenges specific to manufacturers.

Your business does not operate just at your desk. TPI SHOP lets your employees know what is happening from the shop floor or a service call.

TPI SHOP is flexible, you can use it in many ways depending on the culture and processes of your company.

As a web application, TPI SHOP is designed to be intuitive to users of all skill levels. Consistent UI design means that a user who has begun using the software can quickly learn additional features as needed.

By keeping your data together, TPI SHOP helps your whole business run smoothly. Related data is shown all at once, placing knowledge closer to your fingertips than ever before.

Manufactured in USA

TARUS Products Inc. machines are proudly made in America with quality standards that exceed expectations

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