Horizontal Arm CMM

Large volume horizontal arm CMM for full body in white applications.

Machine Features
  • Machine with walkable base
  • Stress relived rigid steel structure for all axis
  • All-axis motion with backlash free rack & pinion systems
  • Free floating linear optical scales with 0.5 μm resolution
  • High specific modulus carbon fiber 80×80 mm arm
  • Choice of Renishaw probe heads with touchtrigger, scanning and 5-axis (Revo)
  • Renishaw .1 micron optical scales
  • Nikon laser scanning head with Polyworks
  • Tsunami air filtration system
  • Custom computer workstation table
  • Battery backup with surge protector
  • Two year complete system warranty
  • Full support and calibration by TARUS, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited
Installation Features
CMM Controls
CMM Software

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