Industry Sector
Power Generation

A modern power generation station requires many different types of heat exchange and process equipment. The most critical of all, especially for the nuclear industry, is the steam generator. In Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) nuclear power generation, the primary cooling circuit flows through the core of the reactor under very high pressure. The secondary circuit generates steam to drive the turbine. The primary and secondary circuit must remain separate from each other, without fail. It's the most critical sub-assembly of one of the most critical aspects of a nuclear reactor.

TARUS solved a big problem as a result of a clever, industry-first design.

TARUS multi-spindle DHMS BTA machines are used to drill the many thousands of deepholes in critical tube sheet components with exceptional precision - and do it far faster than traditional, time-intensive methods due to our innovative multi-spindle design.

Tube sheets for heat exchangers are prevalent many other applications such as coal and gas fired power generation, oil & gas process equipment, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical production, breweries, and more.

Power Generation

Impellers/Turbine Components

Impellers have wide ranging application from pumps, to turbines, to turbochargers. Machining impellers benefits from simultaneous 5-axis milling, and requires extremely tight-tolerance geometry. The TARUS UNIMAX series is perfect for this application.

Application - Aerospace Impeller - TARUS

Tube Sheets

Tube sheets are critical supporting elements in heat exchangers. They consist of a dense arrangement of thin walled tubes situated inside an enclosed, tubular shell. Tubes are supported on either end by sheets which are drilled in a predetermined pattern to allow the tube ends to pass through the sheet. The ends of the tubes which penetrate the tube sheet are expanded to lock them in place and form a seal.


Turbine Discs

Turbine discs require simultaneous 5-axis milling in order to produce their very complex shapes. The rotary table and swiveling milling head configuration make the TARUS UNIMAX a good choice for this application.



Manifolds and valves support interruption-free flow diversion of liquids and gas. They are designed to converge multiple junctions into a single channel or diverge a single channel into multiple junctions.

Application - Manifold Valve - TARUS