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DHMS Multiple Spindle BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine

The TARUS DHMS Multiple Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine solves a big problem as a result of clever design.

A modern power generation station requires many different types of heat exchange and process equipment. The most critical of all, especially for the nuclear industry, is the steam generator. In Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) nuclear power generation, the primary cooling circuit flows through the core of the reactor under very high pressure. The secondary circuit generates steam to drive the turbine. The primary and secondary circuit must remain separate from each other, without fail. It's the most critical sub-assembly of one of the most critical aspects of a nuclear reactor.

Tube sheets are a central component in a shell and tube heat exchanger. Tube sheets have thousands of small diameter holes drilled very close to each other at fixed distances referred to as 'pitch'. Adding multiple spindles increases drilling productivity, but as the spindles near the edge of the tube sheet, not all the spindles are able to drill without conflicting with the lip.

Most other multiple spindle drilling machines drive the drill feeds of all the spindles simultaneously.  In order disengage a drill to avoid conflict near the edge of the tube sheet, the drill that is not to be used must be physically removed. Furthermore, the drill bushing nose piece must be removed.

The TARUS DHMS is better. The drill feeds and bushing nose pieces are independently driven and controlled by the CNC and can be programmed to be used in any combination for any cycle.  For example, all five spindles can run for one cycle, and the very next cycle can extend any chosen nose piece and drills.

To make this function even more useful, TARUS developed sophisticated tool life management system to keep track of when a drill was changed and when it is due to be changed again even if the use of the spindles is not uniform and also in the event that a drill was changed out of cycle due to wear or damage.

The DHMS is available with 2 to 5 spindles.  Spindle vertical spacing (pitch) is manually adjusted as needed.

Machine Versions
  • 2 to 5 Spindles
  • BTA only
  • Gundrill only
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