UNIMAX 1600, 5 Axis CNC
Universal Machining Center

TARUS is proud to offer the new UNIMAX 1600. A 5-axis CNC Universal Machining Center.

The UNIMAX 1600 universal machining center combines a bridge structure & moving column design with a rotary table and 45 degree indexing spindle to provide the best combination of work envelope, ease of loading and minimum floor space.

By keeping the main axes compact, the machine is very rigid for improved performance. Spindle access to the part is excellent due to this design.

With the new UNIMAX 1600, you will have top performance and spec with full TARUS service and support in the USA and Canada.

Machine Function
  • 3-axis and continuous 5-axis CNC milling
  • Conventional drilling and gundrilling
  • Optional turning package
  • Deephole drilling at compound angles
Performance Features
Construction Features

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