TBH-5 Heavy Gantry Machine

One of our largest 5-axis CNC machines. Heavy duty 5 axis gantry with top specification and TARUS durability built in the USA! Ideal for aerospace tooling and stamping dies.

TARUS has always been known for large work envelope and durability for the price. We have listened to our customers and now offer the features and performance demanded for mold, die and aerospace tooling builders.

With the new TARUS TBH-5 you will have top performance and spec with factory direct support in the USA and Canada.

Machine Function
  • 3 and 5 axis CNC milling
  • Milling of Invar layup tools for aerostructures
  • Rough, finish, and semi finish milling of steel, iron, kirksite tools
  • Heavy milling of aluminum tools and components
Performance Features
Optional Features

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