As one of the first adopters of SINUMERIK ONE in the world, TARUS accelerates machine performance, embraces digital transformation, and enhances its leadership position.


In 1984, TARUS invented the Claymill and revolutionized transportation design around the world. Today, TARUS remains the global leader in car design solutions with expert knowledge, top performance, and relentless innovation. Over half the vehicles driving on North American roads got their final shape and design from a TARUS Claymill.

Being vertically integrated with a strong programming department, TARUS developed its own control in 1980 for its CNCs and developed a GUI in 1982 – two years before Apple.

TARUS accelerates performance with Siemens

The TARUS GUI for its Claymill machines is legendary and well-loved by design studios because it is continually developed from user feedback.

Looking to further accelerate performance of its best-in-class machines, TARUS was introduced to the SINUMERIK ONE by Electro-Matic.

“We took the SINUMERIK ONE package, we implemented it, and we tweaked it for our interface,” Doug Greig, EVP, TARUS said.. “Now we have an extremely high-performance CNC machine control with our user interface, which customers love, and it’s very easy to use. Nobody has the user interface like we have with the reliability of SINUMERIK ONE. That’s the secret sauce.”

“In processing power alone, SINUMERIK ONE is 30% faster,” said Chris Grimm, OEM sales account manager at Siemens.

Siemens - A reliable partner

“As Service Director, getting reliable parts, having a reliable partner and knowing I can call on somebody when I need them is key” says Brad Kleinow. “When you have the backing of companies like Siemens and Electro-Matic it makes the difference when you create new, innovative products.”

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